Solitaire Nine Game.

The original new solitaire iPhone/iPad game is an excellent way to pass time! 

The rules of Solitaire Nine are quite simple: select a pair of identical playing cards of any suit to discard them into the waste pile. 

- Good graphics and animations 
- Realistic sounds of playing cards 
- The best results are put in Game Center 

Enjoy the game Solitaire Nine!

The iPhone/iPad version is available on the App Store.

Solitaire Nine is a solitaire card game wherein the playing cards are dealt in tableau piles in three rows of three piles each with the first card face-up and other cards face-down in each pile. Two solitaire playing cards of the same value of any suit may be moved into waste, one pair at a time. When a face-up solitaire card is moved from a table, the exposed face-down card may be turned over. If several pairs of solitaire playing cards were moved into the waste, several exposed face-down card may be turned face-up at a time. The solitaire is solved, when all playing cards in all piles are turned face-up and moved into waste and no playing cards are left on the tableau. If there are still playing cards on the tableau, but no playing cards of the same value among them or playing cards that may be turned face-up, the solitaire is not solved. 

To start playing Solitaire game, press the button "Game" on the main screen. 
When the solitaire cards have been dealt, select the two face-up playing cards of the same value of any suit to move them into the waste. Select one of the exposed in the result face-down cards to turn over all of the first cards face up. Repeat these solitaire steps until all of the cards have been moved into the waste, or there are no more playing cards of the same value. To restart Solitaire game, press the button "Deal" on the game screen. 

The aim of the game is to solve the solitaire for the least time. 
Patience scores are calculated with the formula of 1000 - 10 * (seconds to finish) if the game takes less than 100 seconds.

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